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Anti-Israel Bias

Anti-Israel bias is when one holds extreme and/or illegitimate views, claims and critiques about Israel. The aim of these biases is often directed at delegitimizing the country, its people or Jewish indigeneity to the land. 


Anti-Israel criticism can become Antisemitic when there is demonization,

delegitimization or double standards held towards Israel, Israelis or Jews. These 'criticisms' are most commonly referred to as the 3D's. 



Examples would include, but are not limited to “when Israelis are depicted using Nazi-era Der Stürmer-like stereotypes: i.e., hooked noses; bent over, dark, ugly, demonic figures. Or when Israelis are accused of crimes that are reminiscent of age-old anti-Jewish conspiracy theories – i.e. alleged Israeli/Jewish influence over governments and media and public thought; that a Jewish cabal (elders of Zion) is behind Israel’s strength or behind foreign policy that is favorable to Israel, or allegations of Israeli actions that are eerily similar to medieval blood libel (the deliberate killing of Palestinian babies by IDF soldiers etc).” (ADL, 2020).



Delegitimization would include, but not limited to, examples of assertions and claims that do not recognize Israel as a legitimate country or its right to exist.


Double Standards

Double Standards would include, but are not limited to, examples of  “when critics of Israel question or deny Israel’s right to exist. No one questions France or China or Iran’s right to exist, simply because there is disagreement with their policies. Why then should it be acceptable for only the Jewish state’s legitimacy, or Jewish nationalism to be a subject for discussion? Similarly, questions of motivation arise when Israelis singled out for criticism for actions or policies that nations around the world engage in with impunity.” (ADL, 2020)



ADL. (2020). Response To Common Inaccuracy: Israel Critics are Anti-Semites. Retrieved August 10, 2020, from

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