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Frequently asked questions

Learn about modern political Zionism and it's roots embedded in Judaism. 

Learn about why Zionism is often mistakenly connected with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An ancient discrimination with a modern term. Learn about contemporary examples of antisemitism that plague our world. 

Learn about how and when these two rhetoric's converge.

Learn about how this widely used term came to be and why it is specifically geared towards the Jewish people. 

Learn when the line between legit criticism of Israeli governmental policy ends and antisemitism begins.

Learn how anti-Israel bias frames ones perspective.

Learn ways you can help combat Antisemitism, Anti-Zionist and Anti-Israel rhetoric. 

Learn the about details and dates on Jewish immigration and the Holocaust in regard to Israel.

Learn why the State of Israel needs to exist.

Learn the semantics between the term and 'Antisemitism'.

The Jewish state isn't just for Jewish people, learn about other minority communities within Israel. 

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