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Bulls for Israel Leadership Trip 

Every summer, Bulls for Israel hosts a 10-day trip to Israel, compromised of various student leaders from USF. The goal of this trip is to provide an in-person experience to the various perspectives surrounding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Bulls for Israel conducts this trip with the aim of providing a nuanced approach to the perspectives of the conflict and the facilitation of the free exchange of dialogue and ideas.

USF Hillel Birthright Israel Trip 

 During the winter and summer break, USF Hillel hosts its very own USF Birthright Israel campus trip! The Birthright Israel Foundation gifts young Jews from around the world a life changing 10-day trip to Israel. This once in a lifetime opportunity helps Jewish individuals fully immerse themselves in Israeli culture as well as feel fully connected to the Jewish people, in their ancestral homeland. The benefit of going on a USF Hillel Birthright Israel trip, is that you get to come back to campus with a newfound community and the ability to further strengthen your relationships. If you’re a current USF student and want to find out more, click here to start your application.

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